Guild Disconnected



  • To clear all current and future content.
  • Make certain all raiders know what's expected of them.
  • Ensure that raiders maintain a high level of performance.
  • Continue having a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Possible future Raid Times

New Raid Times

  • Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm Progression
  • Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm Progression
  • Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm FARM



General Ranks

Casual: New people in the guild.

Member: People that donít want to regularly raid.

Alt: This rank is for anyone ranked Member and Raider that have alternate characters. Alts will be tagged with the mains name.

Raiding Ranks

Aspirant: People that are only interested in farm content, not quite as full-on as raiders but do want to raid.

Raider: These are the progression raiders of the guild. Raiders must achieve a suitable performance within acceptable levels and must always be looking to improve. Gear must be enchanted and gemmed and top level consumables(Food/flasks/pots) must be used and required addons must be installed. The performance will be reviewed and judged by the Officers.

Officer Ranks

Officer: The officers run the guild; this includes dealing with recruitment, loot and performance management of the members and their ranks. Officers are also responsible for ensuring there is an agreed strategy for each boss fight and providing leadership within the raid. Officers are voting members of the key decisions within the guild. Officers’ commands are that of the guild and should be adhered to.

2ic: The 2ic is currently Kimmykin. 2IC (Second in Command) takes on the role of the Guild Master when he's unavailable, otherwise is considered an officer.

Guild Master: The Guild Master of Disconnected is currently Kaotech. The Guild Master is the final escalation point of any issues and is the final say on guild decisions. The Guild Master also performs the role of an officer.

Guild Bank

Guild Bank

Crafting materials can be put in the Raid Supplies tab. Only Legion Herbs / Enchanting / Fish / Meat / Ore
Credit will be given for materials if you message the GM that you have put them in otherwise they'll be considered a donation.
(credit can be used to buy consumables from the guild bank)

Raiding consumables can be purchased from the raid Consumable Tab, Prices are listed in the log.
Prices will be determined by how many materials we need to buy off the AH and how many are donated.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

You are to be respectful of each other. You are to show a great amount of respect for those players around you, whether in the guild or not. Every action you make represents Disconnected as a whole and your peers.

We are a mature group of players, you should be able to handle that maturity as we wish to keep the same friendly, family atmosphere in Guild Chat, and in TeamSpeak. If you ever have suggestions to improve a fellow guild-memberís playing ability, you should do so in a positive and constructive manner.

Even in the heat of battle stay respectful toward your fellow guild members. Swearing or belittling each other does not change the outcome of a raid encounter any more or less than constructive commentary would. If you fail to settle differences between you and someone else, either inside the guild or out, you are to speak to an officer.

Failure to comply with our code of conduct may result in demotion or removal from the guild.



During raids, you are to pay attention and be patient with pulls. You are expected to be the most efficient and effective player that you can be. You are never to go ĎAFKí without telling an officer or one of the raid leaders.

Everyone must be on teamspeak, you don't need a mic but must be able to hear instructions. Having to write in chat just slows everyone down.

Raid invites will go out 15 minutes before the raid start times so everyone has time to make sure they have all consumables, are fully repaired and are at the instance ready to go at the start time.

Our History

Disconnected was created during The Burning Crusade expansion so that some mates from South Australia could all play together doing some questing and instances but as we progressed we found that raiding was quite fun and challenging and so we decided to raid as often as we could (which wasn't all that often).

In Wrath of the Lich King we stepped it up a gear and recruited a few more players and started to run raids a lot more often but still not quite getting all bosses down before Cataclysm hit.

For the Cataclysm we managed to clear all content on normal difficulty.

In the Mists of Pandaria we cleared all content on normal and at the end with the introduction of Flexible mode raiding we cleared Siege of Orgrimmar on Heroic.

During Warlord of Draenor we had a stable roster and progressed through the raids at a steady pace and cleared all raids on Heroic difficulty.

Now that the Legion has descended upon us we're progressing through the current raids and our numbers have never been stronger, the Legion are a fierce opponent and we must all come together and put forth our best efforts to not only stop the invasion of our world but to then take the fight to them.